July 22, 2010

summer fun!

i love summer! everything about summer....i love it! no coats, no school, just flip flops, swimming, and nice warm mornings and evenings for pictures! these 3 thought it was really funny to watch me make noises and jump up and down to take their pictures yet again....you kind of half to laugh at what we bribe our kids with for them to cooperate for pictures. these 3 got QT slushes and candy! it works.....almost always.

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Who's J.E. Dickerson? said...

Hi Sara! Catching up on blog-reading tonight... and your's was on the list. Love, love, love those sweet (and ornery!) baby faces... and wishing I had one of those snowcones on this warm wummer night. I'm with you -- nothin' better than summertime. Hope to see you soon. Kris at Dickerson's in Topeka