January 14, 2010

brown eyes

one day before his big birthday.... he was just about to turn 3!!! and i could have just ate him up. ya know, we talked about big time stuff.... waffles, pizza, his dad's favorite color (pink), and all sorts of fun things. the entire time, he kept asking me "will you come play on my bed?" his mom and dad were laughing. he loves to play on his bed. soooooo what do ya do?... after we were done (really, look at that face!) why not? we jumped on his bed! too cute. good thing there are no pictures of that!


Jenn said...

Is he so cute or what? LOVE HIS HAIR!!! great job!


nic said...

oh, he's a looker...and such a sweet gaze. it must've been hard not to put down your camera immediately to go play!